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How do I configure a maintenance phase in BlockSim?



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In BlockSim, phase diagrams represent scenarios in which a system may undergo changes over time. The sequential stages in the operation of the system are represented using two types of blocks:

When the system is in an operational phase, the simulation uses the maintenance tasks defined directly in the block properties. When the system is in a maintenance phase, the simulation uses a separate set of maintenance tasks defined in the maintenance template.

To create a maintenance template from within the maintenance phase block properties window, double-click the Maintenance Template field and click the Create New icon in the wizard.

Create maintenance template

First, you will be prompted to select the diagrams that contain the blocks that should be maintained during this maintenance phase. Then, when the maintenance template is created, you will see a list of the blocks in the selected diagrams.

All blocks sharing the same name are considered to represent the same part. The In Diagrams column identifies the diagram(s) in which each part is used.

Select diagram order in maintenance template

Set the Maintenance Priority

Use the Order column to set the priority for performing maintenance for the blocks. If sufficient crews and spare parts are available, all tasks will be carried out simultaneously; otherwise, they will be carried out based on this order.

Specify the Tasks Performed During the Maintenance Phase

In the Corrective Task column, you must specify the corrective maintenance task that will be performed if the part is failed when the maintenance phase begins. You can also use the Other Tasks and Maintenance Group columns to define any preventive, on condition and/or inspection tasks that could be initiated during the phase.

Select tasks in maintenance template

Build in Some Flexibility for Scheduled Tasks

When you return to the maintenance phase block properties window, you can use the Interval maintenance threshold to build in some flexibility for preventive or inspection task intervals, if desired. By default (with a threshold of 1), the scheduled preventive and inspection tasks will be performed only if the timing of the maintenance phase exactly coincides with the scheduled interval. But if the threshold is set to 0.85, for example, then a preventive maintenance task scheduled for every 1,000 hours could be performed as early as 850 hours (1000 x .85 = 850) if the system enters a maintenance phase.

Maintenance template applied