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In BlockSim, how is the sequence of standby units determined?



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In the Synthesis version of BlockSim, when a container is used to model a standby configuration, the standby blocks will be activated one at a time as needed. The sequence in which they are activated is determined by the order in which the blocks are set as being in a standby state.

All blocks are added to standby containers in an active state. This is indicated by an [A] shown with the block's name.

Standby container all active blocks

To set a block as standby, right-click the block and choose Set Block to Active (Not Standby) to toggle the command off. The block will be designated as the first standby block to be activated.

Standby container with one standby block

Each block you subsequently set as standby will be designated as the first standby block to be activated, pushing all previous blocks down in the activation order.

Standby container with two standby blocks

Standby container with three standby blocks

To change the order of the standby units, you can select the standby container and choose Diagram > Properties > Standby Settings > Set Standby Order. In the window that appears, use the arrows to renumber the blocks to the desired order.

Set standby order

New standby order