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FRACAS: From Data Collecting to Problem Solving

Testing, data collecting and data analysis are probably the three major daily tasks for most reliability engineers. How to utilize the modern database and Internet technology to manage the testing, data collecting and problem solving process across multiple departments is a challenging issue that many organizations are facing. XFRACAS, a web-based Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) by ReliaSoft, provides an organization-wide platform that connects all the reliability-related management and analysis activities together. In this article, we will briefly discuss the history and the role of the FRACAS in a reliability program.


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DOE++ Quick Start Guide Videos Released

We are pleased to announce that the DOE++ Quick Start Guide is now available as a collection of online videos. This quick start guide has been designed to help you explore many of the software's key features by working through step-by-step instructions. These free videos are available at


2015 Program Announced for ARS Europe

The long-awaited program matrix for ARS Europe is now available online! The Symposium will offer 28 presentations and 2 tutorials, and will be held on April 21 - 23 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Start planning which presentations you'd like to attend. You can find presentation details, including dates and times, at:


Join Us for Seminars in Warmer Weather in Tucson

The weather is warm in sunny Tucson, Arizona. Why not join us for a reliability training course at our new, state-of-the-art Reliability Training Center (RTC).The campus has three training rooms, video recording capabilities, free Wi-Fi throughout the building, and fully networked computer workstations designed to simulate the enterprise experience when using the Synthesis Platform. You can get a full glimpse of what to expect from the RTC at:

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