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How can I choose which columns to display in analysis hierarchies and tables?



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In many Synthesis applications, such as Xfmea, RCM++, RBI and Lambda Predict, you can choose which columns you want displayed at any given time for many hierarchies and tables, including system hierarchies, FMRAs, FMEAs, etc.

You can set your preferences either via the Application Setup or by opening the Customize Columns window directly from the analysis. The settings are stored per computer/username so that any project you open on this computer will have the same columns displayed.

Using the Application Setup

Use the Application Setup window (File > Application Setup) if you want to set your preferences in advance or if you want to configure multiple interfaces at the same time.

As an example, the following picture shows the options for the RCM++ 9 system hierarchy.

system hierarchy page

Use the check boxes to select which columns you want to display, and then use the arrows on the right side of the window to set the order of the columns. Note that an option will be disabled if it is required (e.g., the Name column) or if it is not applicable for the current database (e.g., the XFRACAS Associated Hierarchy Item column if you are not using an enterprise database).

Using Customize Columns

If you want to set or update your preferences while you are working on a particular analysis, you can right-click directly inside the column headers and choose Customize Columns.

For example, the following picture shows the Customize Columns window for the RCM++ system hierarchy. The same options are available and any changes that you make here will be visible the next time you open the Application Setup. Note that in Xfmea, RCM++ and RBI, some options, such as the Part Number column shown below, may be disabled if the fields are not used within the current project.

Customize Columns window