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Can I create an overlay plot for different data sheets in the same folio?



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Yes! In many Synthesis applications, overlay plots make it easy to display multiple analyses together in the same plot. These plots have many potential applications for comparing analyses and presenting your findings to others.

In Weibull++, ALTA and RGA, if the analyses are stored in different data sheets within the same folio, you have two options:

  1. Create the overlay plot in the current project explorer.

  2. Insert an additional plot sheet directly into the same folio as the data sheets.

In the Current Project Explorer

To create a new overlay plot in the current project explorer, choose Insert > Reports and Plots > Overlay Plot.

overlay icon

You will be prompted to select up to 20 calculated data sheets from any eligible data folio in the current project. Once the plot has been created, you can use the control panel to choose the plot type, change the display settings and/or change the selected data sheets as needed.

If you choose to store overlay plots in the project explorer for future use, it is easy to rename them and even group them into folders to indicate what each plot displays.

rename overlay plot

In the Data Folio

To insert a new plot sheet into an existing folio, right-click anywhere in the sheet tabs area at the bottom of the folio and choose Insert Additional Plot on the shortcut menu.

overlay additional plot

You can then use the new plot sheet in the same way as an overlay plot in the project explorer. However, in this case, the Select Data Sheets window allows you to choose calculated data sheets from the current folio only.

The following picture shows an example for Weibull++. Similar functionality is available in ALTA and RGA.

overlay folio