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How can I configure a Synthesis application's workspace to fit my needs?



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In all Synthesis applications, the View tab on the ribbon provides many options for adjusting the workspace to fit your particular needs.

Project Manager and My Portal

You can use the options in the Project Manager and My Portal groups to define how you want to work with these windows. This includes showing/hiding the windows and where you want them located. As shown below, you can dock a window to any side of the interface or leave it floating.

Project Manager and My Portal

For both windows, you can also decide whether you want them always visible (i.e., pinned) or hidden when you are not using them (i.e., unpinned). This gives you additional flexibility in using the space available in the interface to meet your needs.

(Refer to http://www.weibull.com/hotwire/issue148/tooltips148.htm for more information about the Project Manager. Refer to http://www.weibull.com/hotwire/issue151/tooltips151.htm for more information about My Portal.)


The Zoom commands set the degree of magnification for the folios and projects. They can be particularly useful with complex diagrams/folios or projects where you can increase the magnification to focus in on specific sections or decrease the magnification to see more of the diagram/folio or project.


For even more flexibility, you can set how you want to display projects, folios, diagrams, etc. within the main interface. If the Use Tabbed MDI option is not selected, they will be displayed in separate windows that you resize, move around and even minimize. In this state, you can also use the Window commands to cascade, tile and arrange the separate windows or icons.

Separate windows

Alternatively, if the Use Tabbed MDI option is selected, all windows will be maximized to fit the full space and you can use tabs to show one window at a time. In this state, you can also use the Window commands to switch between windows, or to close all windows.

Tabbed windows

Minimize Ribbon

If you need more space for the analysis windows, you can minimize the ribbon to display only the tab names. The commands will become visible when you click a tab, and then hidden again as soon as you click somewhere else.

To switch this setting on or off, click the arrow on the right side of the ribbon (labeled "Minimize ribbon" in the picture below).

Minimize Ribbon