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Confidence Intervals on Stress-Strength Analysis in Weibull++

A product's probability of failure is equal to the probability that the stress experienced by that product will exceed its strength. In other words, given one probability distribution function for a product's stress and one for its strength, the probability of failure can be estimated by calculating the area of the overlap between the two distributions (i.e., stress-strength analysis). However, there will usually be some uncertainty in the estimated parameters for these distributions, which entails uncertainty in the estimated reliability. This article will discuss how reliability can be estimated using stress-strength analysis and how confidence bounds on the reliability can be calculated. The effect of sample size on the confidence bounds will also be illustrated.


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Reliability Training Center (RTC) Now Open!

Designed to optimize the education experience of reliability engineers, ReliaSoft's state-of-the-art Reliability Training Center (RTC) brings cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas together to present reliability principles, theory and software like never before. Watch the new video tour here (approx. 2 min.):


Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) Exam Update

ASQ has announced that they will be administering the CRE Exam at two of our upcoming Applied Reliability Symposiums (Amsterdam, Netherlands in April 2015 and Tucson, Arizona in June 2015). The schedules and application deadlines are available here:


Deadline to Submit ARS Europe Presentation Proposals

Take advantage of the opportunity to be a presenter at the Applied Reliability Symposium in Amsterdam, Netherlands on April 21 - 23, 2015. The ARS Europe proposal deadline is October 30, 2014. Presentation topics should be based on practical reliability and quality engineering practices derived from real-life experience. The primary author for each presentation delivered at the Symposium will receive complimentary registration to the event and the opportunity to win one of the Excellent Presentation Awards. For additional information and to download the submission form, please visit

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