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How can I insert standard analysis plots into my custom Word report templates?



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In Weibull++, ALTA, RGA and BlockSim, you can easily add plots to a Word report template by using the Plot Wizard. The wizard inserts the same types of plots that are generated in folio or diagram plot sheets.

Integrating generated plots into a Word report template can be convenient, for example, if you need to:

The Plot Wizard is available from any open Word report template. To open the wizard, choose Home > Report > Plot Wizard. You can also click the icon on the Word report template’s control panel.

insert plot

In the wizard, select one of the available plots from the panel on the left side, and enter the inputs (if applicable). Then select a data source.

plot wizard

After you click Insert, the plot holder shows the size and position of the plot that will be inserted when you generate the report in Microsoft Word. You can resize or move this plot holder, as needed.

Continue to build your report by adding additional plots and functions, if desired. As an example, the following picture shows placeholders for two plots that have been added to a Word report template that compares selected results from two life data analyses performed in Weibull++.

Word template

When you have finished, generate the report by choosing Home > Report > Create Report. You can also click the icon on the control panel.

create Word report

You can view and save the report in Microsoft Word.

Word report