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I’ve been using an Excel® file to perform life cycle audits for FIDES predictions. Is there an easier way to do this in Lambda Predict?



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Yes, the 250-question life cycle audit recommended by the FIDES 2009 guide is built in to the Synthesis version of Lambda Predict. This means that you can easily perform the audits, calculate the resulting pi process factor (πprocess) and then incorporate the results into the reliability prediction — all from within the same application.

The audits are saved in the same database as the reliability prediction, making them easy to access, update and reuse for any FIDES prediction. To access the saved audits in Lambda Predict, choose File > Manage Repository > Manage FIDES Settings.

Manage FIDES Settings Icon

The Manage FIDES settings window appears, as shown next. You can click either the Entity Audits or Process Audits button to display a list of the saved audits of that type, as well as create new or edit existing ones.

Manage FIDES Settings Window

Lambda Predict makes it easy to review an existing audit and keep track of your progress in completing a new one. For example, in entity audits, the right panel displays the complete audit question and possible responses, while the left panel displays a color-coded summary of the response to the question, as shown next.

Entity Audits

The questions are grouped to represent the seven life cycle stages. When you have completed all the questions for a particular stage, a check mark will be displayed next to the heading name. Clicking the heading will display a summary of the entity’s grade for that stage, as shown next.

Stage Grade

Once you have completed an entity audit, you can then assign it to any relevant process audit, as shown next. The audits are linked; any updates to an attached entity audit will be automatically reflected in the saved process audit.

Process Audit

When you complete a process audit, incorporating it to the reliability prediction is as easy as clicking a button in the item’s Pi Process property field and then selecting the audit name from a list. The name of the selected audit will be appended to the field name in brackets, as shown in the following example. If the saved entity or process audits are changed in the future, you will have the option to automatically update the values that are assigned to the prediction, if desired.

Reliability Prediction