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How can I set maintenance tasks to be performed together in BlockSim?



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In previous versions of BlockSim, item group numbers allowed you to assign blocks to a group so that their maintenance would be performed together. In the Synthesis version, maintenance groups allow you to do this plus a great deal more.

A maintenance group is a set of blocks where some event within the group can trigger either a state change or maintenance for other block(s). You can use a maintenance group:

A similar approach can be used to model simultaneous maintenance, as illustrated in the following figure. In this example, both Block F and Block H belong to "Maintenance Group W." Each block has a preventive task that is scheduled to be performed upon the start of corrective maintenance within Maintenance Group W. Thus, if either Block F or Block H receives corrective maintenance (to restore the item after a failure), then the other block will receive preventive maintenance (to reduce the likelihood that a failure will occur).