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Can I simulate BlockSim diagrams while I’m doing other things?



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Yes. The Synthesis version of BlockSim offers a simulation batch mode, which allows you to simulate multiple diagrams consecutively, without user input between simulations. This enables you to set up a series of simulations and then turn your attention elsewhere or leave your desk, which may be particularly helpful when you need to simulate several very large diagrams.

To open the Batch Mode Simulation window, choose Simulation > Tools > Batch Mode.


Each diagram that is selected for simulation in batch mode must have its own simulation settings defined. This includes:

In the Batch Mode Simulation window, a red status light indicates that the required simulation settings either have not been defined or are incompatible with batch mode (e.g., if the "log of simulations" simulation type is selected). There are two ways to edit them while you are scheduling the batch simulation:

Batch Mode Simulation Window

Once you have specified simulation settings for all of the diagrams of interest, click Run. The window will change to show the status of the simulations, as shown next.

Batch Mode Simulation Window - Status View

While simulation is in progress, you can click Skip to stop simulating the current diagram and move on to the next one or Cancel to stop the simulations entirely. You will not be able to perform other operations in this instance of BlockSim while the simulations are in progress.