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Is there an easy way to manage and organize all projects in a Synthesis database?



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Yes, all Synthesis applications include a Manage Projects window that displays a searchable, filterable list of all the projects in the current database. In this window, you can change properties for a single project or for multiple projects simultaneously.

If you have the "Manage all projects" permission in the database, you can access the window by choosing Project > Management > Manage Projects.


Search for Projects by Name

If you want to find a specific project or a group of projects that all contain the same word or phrase in the project name, use the Find tool.

For example, in the following picture, the user searched for any project that contains "RX96" in the project name.

Filter the List of Projects

If you want to see the projects that have certain specific properties in common, use the Filter tool. You can filter by the project owner or category. You can also filter by the user who made the last change to the project, the date when the change was made and/or the application (e.g., Weibull++, Xfmea, etc.) that was used to make the change.

For example, the filter shown next will display any projects with the "In Progress" category that were last updated by John Analyst.

Edit the Properties for One or Multiple Projects

Once you have found the project(s) of interest, you can:

Use the check boxes to select the project(s) of interest. If you select multiple projects, the change will be applied to all of them at the same time. For example, in the following picture, the user is changing the project category for two projects at the same time.