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How can I make a Synthesis resource available to all projects in the database?



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With Synthesis applications, you can create resources that allow you to share reliability, maintainability and other types of information between analyses. By default, resources are available for use only in the project where they were created. That is, they are local. However, in some cases you may wish to make a resource global so it's available to all projects in the database. Starting in Version 9, you can make any of the following Synthesis resources global.

  • URDs (Universal Reliability Definitions, which are used to represent a set of properties that can include failure behavior and maintenance tasks)
  • Models
  • Tasks
  • Crews
  • Pools
  • Variables

To make a resource global, select it in the Resource Manager and choose Home > Actions > Make Global.

Note that if you make a resource global, any resources assigned to it will become global as well (e.g., if a URD has an assigned model, making that URD global will also make the model global). Likewise, you will not be able to assign a local resource to a global one.

In the Resource Manager, you can determine whether a resource is local or global by looking at its icon in the far left column of the table:

 Resource Manager

If you want to change which types of resources are visible at any given time in the Resource Manager, use the drop-down list on the Home tab.

Drop-down list

In addition to the Resource Manager, some Synthesis applications include "resource wizards" that allow you to quickly create, assign and edit resources. This interface uses the same icons to indicate whether a resource is local or global. The wizard also allows you to specify which type(s) of resources will be visible at any given time. Use the drop-down list on the Settings page to specify your preference.

 Resource Wizard   Resource Wizard Settings