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Measurement Systems Analysis in DOE++

With the release of Version 9, DOE++ now provides a set of tools for measurement systems analysis. Among these tools, the linearity and bias folio is used to study the accuracy of a measuring device, and the gage R&R folio is used to study its precision (i.e., the variation in measurements that can be expected when the same part is measured repeatedly using the same measuring device). In this article, we will demonstrate how to use DOE++ to examine precision.


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ReliaSoft Presented OBRM at the RMC 2013 Fall Meeting

Pantelis Vassiliou (CEO) and Doug Ogden (VP of Customer Services), traveled to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville to present "A Conceptual Introduction to Object Based Reliability Modeling (OBRM)" at the Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) 2013 fall meeting. RMC is an industry-supported center within the College of Engineering that has set out "to advance reliability and maintenance education and practices within the academic and industrial communities." ReliaSoft is proud to support the people, knowledge and research of this great community. To read more about the RMC program please visit

To learn more about the object based reliability modeling (OBRM) concept pioneered by ReliaSoft and presented at RMC, read the Synthesis Project white paper (*.pdf).


Do You Have an FMEA Question?

HotWire readers now have the opportunity to submit an FMEA question to be featured in an upcoming edition of the FMEA Corner. Last month, HotWire launched this new monthly feature authored by Carl Carlson, a noted expert in the field of FMEAs and facilitation, and the response was spectacular. Have your question answered by sending it to


Reliability 3.0: Faster, Better, Cheaper

ReliaSoft has completed this year's 2013 multi-city tour, which was initiated to spread the word about the new Design for Reliability (DFR) process that will revolutionize how we approach reliability engineering. ReliaSoft's CEO Pantelis Vassiliou traveled to over 20 cities in just a few short months, and the positive response from the seminar attendees was overwhelming. The word is out!

Pioneered by ReliaSoft, Reliability 3.0: Faster, Better, Cheaper is a new process that will address the gaps and limitations in current reliability practices, and the Synthesis Platform is designed to enable and manage this new process. Learn more about the Synthesis Platform by visiting

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