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How can I communicate with other Synthesis users?



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The Synthesis Platform is designed to facilitate collaboration between engineers with different responsibilities and subject matter expertise, ensuring that each part of the reliability program is performed by the most qualified people and allowing team members to leverage the information from other practitioners.

Collaboration requires communication, and the Synthesis Platform provides a variety of tools to make that easy. The My Portal interface can be accessed from any Synthesis application, and it displays information that facilitates communication and actions management for all users who are connected to the same Synthesis database. When you first activate the software, My Portal will be "docked" as a panel on the right side of the MDI.

This tip will discuss three communication tools that are available in this multipage panel.

Database Users

The Users page shows all users who have an account in the database. Users who are currently logged in to the database are shown "lit up," with icons indicating which Synthesis applications they are currently using.


The Messages page displays all active messages that are relevant to the current user (based on login). Each message can be:

If the database has been configured to enable e-mail notifications, you also have the option to send a copy of any message via e-mail if desired.


The Actions page displays all actions that are relevant to the current user. Actions are Synthesis resources that help to ensure that appropriate progress is being made in the current project. The actions shown in My Portal may include:

In addition to allowing you to track and display the completion status of an action (e.g., due, overdue, complete, etc.), this feature also allows you to:

If the database has been configured to enable e-mail notifications, you also have the option to send manual or automated reminders via e-mail if desired.