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Introduction to Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

Risk based inspection (RBI) is a method in which assets are identified for inspection based on their associated risks as opposed to a predetermined fixed time interval. In other words, it is a prioritizing and planning tool, predominantly used in the oil and gas industries, which aids in the identification of high priority items (i.e., those with high risk) vs. low priority items (i.e., those with low risk). This approach allows the users/owners of the assets to maximize the effectiveness of their inspection resources by concentrating them on those assets that pose the highest risk and not wasting resources on assets that are, in essence, inconsequential. In this article, we describe the basic concepts of risk based inspection, and then provide an example using ReliaSoft’s new RBI software tool.


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Major New Software Release by ReliaSoft!

ReliaSoft’s long-awaited Version 9 release upgrades 12 powerful reliability engineering tools and integrates these applications into the revolutionary new Synthesis Platform. Created with your business needs in mind, the Synthesis Platform’s intelligent integration between reliability program activities and tools will help maximize efficiency and effectiveness for your organization. Implementing any or all of the Version 9 applications will help enable you to experience time savings, increased agility and reductions in both time-to-market and cost, while maximizing your achieved reliability and associated return on investment. You can read the entire press release for more information about this exciting announcement.


Reliability 3.0: Faster, Better, Cheaper

There are still some dates left to attend the Reliability 3.0 seminar to learn about the new DFR (Design for Reliability) process that will revolutionize how we approach reliability engineering. This application-focused presentation will also demonstrate how ReliaSoft’s new Synthesis Platform can enable and manage the new process. Join Pantelis Vassiliou, ReliaSoft’s CEO, as he illustrates how Reliability 3.0 is faster, better and cheaper by using a step-by-step example for a new product. The example starts with the concept phase and progresses through design, manufacturing and field deployment. Visit Reliability 3.0 for the latest dates and locations.


Deadline to Submit 2014 ARS Europe Presentation Proposals

Take advantage of the opportunity to be a presenter at the Applied Reliability Symposium in Paris, France on April 23 – 25, 2014. The ARS Europe proposal deadline is October 31, 2013. Presentation topics should be based on practical reliability and quality engineering practices derived from real-life experience. The primary author for each presentation delivered at the Symposium will receive complimentary registration to the event and the opportunity to win one of the Excellent Presentation Awards. For additional information and to download the submission form, please visit

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