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How can I change the appearance of the lines between blocks in my BlockSim diagrams?



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The lines between blocks in BlockSim diagrams are called connectors. They represent the flow of the process/system and the relationship between the blocks they connect.

The default appearance of the new connectors that you add to a diagram will be determined by the settings in the Diagram Style window. In the Synthesis version of BlockSim, this can be accessed by choosing Format > Styles > Diagram Style.


On the Connector page of the Diagram Style window, you can control:

On the Connector Handles and Indicators page, you can control:

You can also modify the appearance of any particular connector via the Connector Style window. To access this window, select a connector and choose Format > Styles > Connector Style or double-click the connector.

The same options will be available. But in this case, your changes will apply only to the connector(s) that are currently selected. This window also enables you to create a caption for the selected line, if desired.