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Issue 15, May 2002

Tool Tips

*How do I specify which stress levels to be displayed on the probability plot in ALTA 6? 

The ALTA 6 plot shown below is a plot with the stress levels 406, 416, 426, and the use stress level of 380 plotted on a probability plot. To modify the selections for which stress are displayed on the plot, right-click the plot and select Plot Stress Levels or select Plot Stress Levels from the Plot Options menu.

The Plot Stress Levels window will appear and it will display the available stress levels for the linked data sheet.

The first time that you open this window for a data sheet each of the available stress levels will be checked (selected). You can select or de-select a stress level by clicking the checkbox or by double-clicking the stress level text. In this case, the stress levels 416 and 426 have been unchecked.

Once you have made your selections, click OK. The Plot Stress Levels window will close and the probability plot within the Folio will be refreshed to reflect the changes that you have made.

As you can see from the plot, the lines for the 416 and 426 stress levels have been removed and the line for the use stress level and 406 remain.  

*How do I remove the stress library from a Folio in ALTA 6 PRO?

While viewing a data sheet within the Folio from which you want to remove the stress library, right-click the Associated Stress Library box (at the bottom of the control panel on the right) and select Remove Library From Folio as shown below.

In this case, the stress library "Automotive" is being removed from the Folio. Under the Percent Stress column in the data sheet you can see that the profile being used within the stress library is also called Automotive. However, removing the stress library from the Folio will not remove any data entered within the data sheet. A message box will then appear asking to make sure that you want to remove the stress library so that it is no longer associated with the current Folio.

Click Yes and the stress library will be removed from the Folio. The Associated Stress Library box now reads "NONE" as shown next.

The Percent Stress column still has the stress profile "Automotive" as the stress to be used, but if you try to estimate the parameters after the stress profile has been deleted, you will get an error indicating that a stress library was unable to be loaded.


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