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How can I track the changes to my analyses performed in Xfmea and RCM++?



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In Xfmea and RCM++, you can use a change log with your FMEA or functional failure analyses to track the specific changes that were made since the change log was activated. With the release of Version 8 and above, you can also apply a change log to a DVP&R analysis as well. The log records the:

If you need to record a reason/justification for each change, you can also configure the log to prompt users to enter a reason each time they modify the analysis.

While a change log is active, no user can make changes to the analysis until an authorized user starts the first revision (where a revision is a tracked set of modifications made to the analysis, with a specific start and end time and a unique name and number). When a revision is in progress, the software records the details of all changes as described above. When a revision ends, you have the option to implement an electronic approval tracking process to ensure that specified users review and approve the revision.

As an example, the following window shows a change log for an FMEA in which the first tracked revision began on March 5th and the software has recorded the details of the changes made in that revision. When the analysis team completes this version, an authorized user will click the End Revision button to apply an end date/time for the revision, and the analysis will once again be locked for changes unless/until an authorized user starts another tracked revision.

Change Log Window