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How can I use the new Project Manager to organize all projects and analysis folios in Synthesis applications?



With the release of Version 8, all of the Synthesis applications (Weibull++, ALTA, BlockSim, Xfmea and RCM++) now have a redesigned Project Manager, which includes features that help you browse or search for a particular project or analysis folio in a Synthesis database.

Depending on the application, the Project Manager consists of either one or two pages:

Project List

In all Synthesis applications, the Project List displays all the projects in the current database. This page includes a find tool to help you search for a particular project by name. You can also create or edit filters to hide/display projects based on the project category, the name of the user who created them or by analysis (e.g., you can choose to display only projects that contain Weibull++ analyses).

Project List

Current Project Explorer

In all Synthesis applications except Xfmea and RCM++ (which use the “system hierarchy” to manage the analysis data in a project), the Current Project page displays all the analysis folios, reports and other items in the current project that apply to the software you are using (e.g., BlockSim folios are visible only when the project is viewed in BlockSim).

This page also includes a filter that allows you to hide/display items based on the name of the user who created them. In addition, you can create subfolders to organize related folios, and use the drag-and-drop feature to change the order of the folios or move them into subfolders.

Current Project Explorer

When there are two pages, the Project Manager can be tiled or not tiled based on your selection from View > Project Manager > Tile Project Manager.

Tile Project Manager Icon

When the Project Manager is not tiled (as shown in the first two pictures above) you can see one page at a time, and click the buttons to switch between views. When the panel is tiled (as shown in the third picture below), you can see both pages simultaneously and may choose to expand/collapse either page if desired.

Project Manager Views