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How can I convert temperature values that are in Celsius or Fahrenheit to Kelvin or Rankine in an ALTA folio?



In ALTA 8, when analyzing accelerated life test data that use thermal stress, the software requires temperature values to be in an absolute scale, using either Kelvin or Rankine units. While you can enter your temperature data in Celsius or Fahrenheit, you must convert them to the equivalent Kelvin or Rankine values before calculating the results. ALTA provides a quick way to automatically do so.

To convert temperature values to an absolute scale, select a cell in the column containing the temperature data, then choose ALTA > Options > Convert Stress Values to open the Convert Stress Values window.

In the Convert Each Value area, select the conversion option you wish to use. If you want the software to move the original, unconverted values into the first subset ID column in the data sheet for future reference, select the Put current values in Subset ID check box. Click OK to convert the data. 

(Note that if you have selected the check box and the first subset ID column already contains information, this process will overwrite any existing notes. If you wish to move your notes before converting the data, you can choose ALTA > Format and View > Add/Remove Columns to make the second subset ID column visible.)