Reliability HotWire

Reliability HotWire

Issue 133, March 2012

Tool Tips

*Is it possible to control the level of access for different users and different projects in a Synthesis repository?

All Synthesis applications store analysis information in a centralized database (Synthesis repository) that supports simultaneous access by multiple users and shares relevant reliability information between Synthesis-enabled software tools.

When you are working with an enterprise repository or a standard repository with login security enabled, the flexible Security Groups feature makes it possible to provide each user account with different types of access for different types of projects in the database, if desired. For example, suppose you want to grant a user read/write access to all projects that belong to her own organizational group (Department A), read-only access to all projects that belong to another group (Department B and Department C), and no access at all to projects that have been classified as "Confidential."

A user with "Admin" permissions in the Synthesis repository can perform three simple steps to configure the security settings to support this requirement:

  1. Choose File > Manage Repository > Authorized Users. On the Security Groups tab, create the security groups shown next.

    Manage security groups

  2. Return to the Users tab and create an account for the user from Department A. As shown in the following picture, she will be a member of the "Department A" security group (which will provide read/write access for all projects that are maintained by her own group) and also the "Read-Only" security group (which will provide read-only access for any project in the repository except the ones classified as "Confidential").

    Create user account

  3. Choose Project > Management > Manage Projects and assign the appropriate security groups for every project in the repository. For example, the following picture shows the security settings for one of the projects maintained by Department A. Users in Department A will be able to access this project with the full set of read/write permissions that have been granted to the "Department A" security group, while users in other departments will have the limited read-only permissions that have been granted to the "Read-Only" security group.

    Assign security groups for projects

*How can my organization manage different types of projects in a single centralized Synthesis repository?

Each Synthesis repository can contain many different analysis projects that may be accessed simultaneously by many different users. The flexible Project Categories feature allows you to group and manage the projects in a way that fits the specific needs of the users and the organization.

An authorized user can configure the categories for any Synthesis repository by choosing File > Manage Repository > Project Categories. In the following example, the repository uses two category levels, where the projects are grouped first by department and then by product line.

Define Project Categories

Once the categories have been configured, users can assign a category to each project via the General tab of the Project Properties window (Project > Management > Edit Project Properties).

Any interface that displays a list of the projects in the current repository can be configured to group the projects by category. Individual users can also choose to filter the list so it displays only the projects in selected categories, as shown next.

Filter project list