Reliability HotWire

Reliability HotWire

Issue 113, July 2010

Tool Tips

*Can I use the same system configuration in multiple places in Lambda Predict 3?

In cases where the same system, block or component is used in multiple places in a prediction in Lambda Predict 3, you can define the configuration in one place in the prediction and link to it in other places. This allows you to be certain that when you change the master configuration, all linked configurations also change.

To add a linked block to a system, select the system hierarchy that you want to add the linked block to and then choose System Hierarchy > Add Same/Next Level Item > Linked Block. The Link Block window will appear, as shown next.

Link Block Window

Choose the desired source from the drop-down list and click OK. (Note that a linked block cannot be subordinate to its source, so you cannot select any block or system above the linked block in the system hierarchy.)

In the Properties panel, the link source name, failure rate and ID are displayed as the physical properties of the linked block. The link source name is a hyperlink; you can click it to view the properties for the source block or system.

*How can I change the login security option for a Standard Database in Xfmea 5 or RCM++ 5?

For a Standard database (Microsoft Access®, *.rx5) in Xfmea 5/RCM++ 5:

  • When login security is enabled, the Standard database can be accessed only by users who have an active user account and each user account will be defined with specific access permissions.
  • When login security is not enabled, any user who has read/write permission to the Standard database file has full permission to edit information throughout the database.

To enable login security, any user can open the Standard database and choose File > Database Setup > Enable Login Security. The Manage Users window will then be displayed, allowing the user to give additional users access to the database and to set their access levels. Note that the user who enabled the login security is automatically assigned the Admin access level in the database.

To remove login security, a user with the Admin access level can open the Standard database and choose File > Database Setup > Remove Login Security.