Reliability HotWire

Issue 108, February 2010

Tool Tips

* Is there an easier way to enter my license when activating one of ReliaSoft’s software products?

When you install new software from ReliaSoft, you will be prompted to enter the product license and activate the software on your computer. If you have received the product license in an electronic format (e.g. via e-mail for eDelivery downloads from our online store), there is a really fast and easy way to enter the license into the ReliaSoft Product License Manager.
Simply copy the entire license to the Clipboard (make sure there are no extra spaces at the end) and then click the first hyphen in the interface (which is circled in the picture shown below). The entire license (all three input boxes) will be entered automatically and you can then click the button to continue with the next step in the registration/activation.

ReliaSoft Product License Manager

* How can ReliaSoft help my organization configure the XFRACAS system to meet our particular needs?

ReliaSoft's XFRACAS software tool is a Web-based, closed-loop, enterprise-wide incident reporting / failure reporting, data analysis and corrective action software system (FRACAS / DRACAS). XFRACAS is configurable, flexible and scalable to fit your organization's particular products or processes and to grow with your needs. The system's Web-based user interface facilitates easy access, collaboration and deployment throughout multiple sites, suppliers and dealers. Flexible configuration utilities allow you to control the look and feel of user interfaces and establish specific permissions based on user and "entity" (e.g. product line or business unit).
To help your organization accelerate the process for configuring and rolling out the XFRACAS system, we recommend that new clients take advantage of the optional Go-Live/Implementation Service. With this service, one of ReliaSoft's expert XFRACAS consultants will visit your site to help your team take full advantage of the system features and assist you in configuring the system to fit your particular needs. This will involve a two day on-site seminar for up to 10 attendees (RS 475: FRACAS Principles and Applications) and a third day during which your team will work with the ReliaSoft consultant to configure the system to your specifications. The XFRACAS system offers a large number of possible configuration options and this additional day of consultation with an experienced instructor/facilitator can help you to understand the ramifications of choosing one implementation approach over another so that your organization can make better choices right from the start.
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