Reliability HotWire Issue 106, December 2009
Tool Tips

* How can I choose what type of Data Sheet to use in RGA 7?

RGA 7 provides two means of selecting the type of Data Sheet that will be created in a Standard Folio: the Expert View and the Wizard View. Both options are available from the New Data Sheet Setup window that displays when you create a new project (File > New) or when you add a Standard Folio to an existing project (Project > Add Folio). Both views also are available when adding a Data Sheet to an existing Standard Folio (Folio > Insert Data Sheet).

While RGA 7 uses the Expert View as the default, you can use the Wizard View by clicking Wizard View on the New Data Sheet Setup window. You also can change the default on the Other page of the User Setup by clearing the When Choosing a Folio Type, Use Expert View check box.

Expert View

The Expert View is the quickest way to select a Standard Folio type. Use the navigation panel on the left side of the window to choose the specific category and subcategory of data. In the area on the right side of the window, the specific data types available to the category display. Notice that when you click a specific data type, the software displays a description of the data type and the conditions under which it is normally used. In addition, each description includes a Learn More link to the RGA Theory Help file, which presents more detailed information about each data type and how it will be analyzed. When you are satisfied with your selection, click OK to create the Data Sheet.

Wizard View

If you are uncertain about which data type to use, you can use the Wizard View, which asks a series of questions about your data set and uses your answers to determine the correct data type to use. The number of steps in the Wizard depends on the answers that you give. Answer each question and click Next to proceed to the next step. If you make a mistake, you can click Back to return to the previous step. Once you have answered all relevant questions, click OK to create the Data Sheet.

* What is an easy and affordable way to ensure that I always have the latest version of ReliaSoft’s software?

When ReliaSoft releases a major version upgrade to one of our reliability engineering software tools, the new version typically offers significant improvements to the software interface and functionality. For example, the recent major version upgrade to ReliaSoft’s RGA offers a completely updated user interface and major new capabilities for reliability growth program planning, data analysis across multiple test phases, design of reliability tests for repairable systems and Monte Carlo data generation. These are powerful new features based on the latest research in the field, which many RGA users have been waiting for.

The easiest and most affordable way to ensure that you always have the latest version of one of ReliaSoft’s standard software products is to purchase an Annual Maintenance Agreement along with the software license. These agreements can be purchased in 1, 2 or 3 year increments. When ReliaSoft releases a major version upgrade while your maintenance agreement is in effect, we will ship the new version to you as soon as it is released – with no additional upgrade charge!

For more details, visit or contact ReliaSoft.

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