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Hot Topics
Variability Analysis in DOE++ and its Application
DOE++ offers the option of variability analysis for two level factorial designs and Response Surface Method designs. Variability analysis can be used to study the natural variation in the response for a particular combination of the levels of the investigated factors. This article illustrates variability analysis in DOE++ using a two level full factorial experiment as an example. Note that to conduct a variability analysis, it is important to have a replicated experiment (or multiple readings taken at all factor level combinations in a random order [1]).

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Reliability Basics
Individual and Joint Parameter Bounds in Weibull++
Weibull++ can provide both individual and joint parameter bounds for a given data set. This article briefly explains the difference between these bounds with respect to their calculation and application. The article also provides step-by-step guidance on how to obtain these bounds using Weibull++.

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Tool Tips
  • How can I use the Monte Carlo Simulation utility in Weibull++ for risk analysis, probabilistic design and quality control?
  • How do I configure my software to display the interface in another language?

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Latest Software Updates
New service releases are now available for Weibull++ (SR 7.5.8), ALTA (SR 7.5.8) and DOE++ (SR 1.0.5). To determine the compile revision of the application on your computer, select About from the Help menu. More Software Downloads...
Application Date Created Version
Weibull++ 7 6/5/09 7.5.8
ALTA 7 6/5/09 7.5.8
DOE++ 6/5/09 1.0.5
Hot News
* Congratulations to ARS Award Recipients - In recognition of significant contributions they have made to the field of reliability engineering and to the 2009 Applied Reliability Symposium in San Diego, we had the distinct honor and pleasure of awarding both individuals and companies as follows:

2009 Reliability Leadership Awards - Presented to two companies in recognition of their outstanding efforts in the area of Design for Reliability (DFR):
  • Glenn Baker accepted on behalf of John Deere
  • Julio Pulido accepted on behalf of Ingersoll Rand
Both companies understood the need for knowledgeable engineers to drive the DFR process and implemented corporate-wide training programs to accomplish this goal.

2009 ARS Excellent Presentation Awards - Based upon votes cast by those attending ARS, the following presentations were selected as the top three:
  • Gold ($1,000): William H. Farr, Naval Surface Warfare Center, "Software Reliability Assessment: Achievements and Challenges"
  • Silver ($750): David C. Trindade, Sun Microsystems, "How Statistical Modeling of Field Reliability Failures Guided Efforts on Problem Resolution"
  • Bronze ($500): Mike Silverman, Ops A La Carte, "Developing a Better Reliability Test Program"
Details and some pictures related to the awards presented this year are available online at
* CRP Achievement Recognition - During the Applied Reliability Symposium (ARS) in San Diego, we had the distinct pleasure of honoring two individuals for their outstanding achievement in completing the certification requirements for the Certified Reliability Professional (CRP) program:
Name Country CRP Number Issue Date
Mark D. Turner North America 15094 12/01/2008
Lynnwood E Yates North America 15059 09/29/2008

The Certified Reliability Professional (CRP) program distinguishes professionals who have gained and successfully demonstrated expertise in the field of reliability engineering. For more information about this program and certification requirements, please visit
* ARS, North America 2009 Proceedings - If you were unable to attend ARS this year, you may be pleased to learn that the proceedings are available for purchase online at for only $145 plus any applicable shipping charges. Physical shipments include four spiral bound books and one CD-ROM.
* New Venue For RCM Training - ReliaSoft has partnered with Andromeda Systems Inc. to offer our RCM training course, RS 480 RCM Principles and Applications, at their training facility in Orange Park, Florida near Jacksonville ( on September 29 - 30, 2009. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about fundamental Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) techniques and procedures while gaining practical hands-on experience with our RCM++ software. Register now at or view the course outline at
Upcoming Public Training Event Calendar
July 2009
July 27 - 28, 2009: RS 401(C) Reliability and Life Data Analysis (Condensed) in Pune, India
July 27 - 31, 2009: RS 540 Reliability and Maintainability Analysis for Repairable Systems in Perth, Australia
July 29, 2009: RS 402 Introduction to Accelerated Life Testing Analysis in Pune, India
August 2009
August 6 - 7, 2009: RS 480 RCM Principles and Applications in Jakarta, Indonesia
August 24 - 25, 2009: RS 480 RCM Principles and Applications in Chennai, India
August 24 - 28, 2009: MSMT Foundations in San Diego, California
September 2009
September 2 - 4, 2009: RS 560 Fundamentals of Design for Reliability in San Diego, California
September 21 - 25, 2009: MSMT Foundations in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
September 21 - 23, 2009: RS 522 Advanced System Reliability / Maintainability Analysis in Tucson, Arizona
September 24 - 25, 2009: RS 470 Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis in Tucson, Arizona
September 28 - 30, 2009: RS 560 Fundamentals of Design for Reliability in United Kingdom
September 29 - 30, 2009: RS 480 RCM Principles and Applications in Jacksonville, Florida
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