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Issue 10, December 2001

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Happy Holidays!

From all of us at ReliaSoft...we wish you a joyous holiday season and a new year of peace and happiness.

Happy Holidays!

Hot Topics  
Fostering a Culture of Reliability
In order to be able to successfully implement a reliability program, there are a certain number of "up front" activities that need to be undertaken. Most of these activities are relatively simple, but they are vital to the design and implementation of a reliability program. It is like the foundation of a house: relatively inexpensive and largely forgotten once the major construction has begun, but vital to the structure nonetheless. One of the most important foundations to the development or implementation of a reliability program is the development of a "culture of reliability" throughout the organization.

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Reliability Basics  
The purpose of this section is to offer background and advice to the novice reliability engineer.

Rank Regression Parameter Estimation
In the last two editions of Reliability Basics, we looked at the probability plotting and maximum likelihood methods of parameter estimation. In this edition, we will examine the rank regression method for parameter estimation, also known as the least squares method. This is, in essence, a more formalized method of the manual probability plotting technique, in that it provides a mathematical method for fitting a line to plotted failure data points. This eliminates some of the guesswork inherent in the probability plotting method and allows for computer-based solution techniques that are not as complicated as those of the maximum likelihood method.

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Tool Tips  

The Tool Tips section addresses helpful hints and frequently asked questions about ReliaSoft software products.

  • Where can I get information on the theory behind the calculations and analyses being performed in ReliaSoft applications?

  • How can I determine the confidence bounds on parameter estimates in Weibull++?

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Hot News
*    ReliaSoft Unveils MPC 3 Maintenance Program Creator Application - ReliaSoft's MPC 3 software is an MSG-3 compliant maintenance program creator designed for the aerospace industry. MPC 3 was developed in conjunction with Honeywell Aircraft Engines & Systems and based on Honeywell’s MSG-3 Creator 2.0 software. MPC 3 has been designed to assist engineering teams to accurately and efficiently complete MSG-3 aircraft systems and powerplant analysis in accordance with the recommendations of the Air Transport Association’s ATA Operator/Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Development (MSG-3) Revision 2001.1 document, accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a guideline for the development of Maintenance Review Board (MRB) reports. For more information, see
*    Reliability Analysis Quick Subject Guides Available Online - As part of our ongoing effort to provide the reliability community with useful free resources, ReliaSoft has developed Reliability Analysis Quick Subject Guides, which are available on ReliaSoft's reliability resource Web site. These guides provide concise overviews of important topics in reliability engineering, including life data analysis and accelerated life data analysis. For more information, see

New Seminar Schedule - The updated ReliaSoft "Master the Subject, Master the Tools" seminar schedule is now available, and includes dates from December 2001 to February 2003. Plan now to attend one of these excellent informational seminars and learn the theory behind the calculations as well as how to maximize your ability to use ReliaSoft applications. Topics for this five-day seminar include life data analysis, accelerated life testing and system reliability, maintainability and availability analysis. For more information on seminar dates, course content and how to register, see

*    ReliaSoft at RAMS - ReliaSoft will be participating in the 48th Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS), to be held January 28-31, 2002 at the Seattle Westin Hotel in Seattle, Washington. ReliaSoft personnel will be presenting papers on FRACAS systems, online quality tracking and accelerated testing. Also, ReliaSoft will have a booth in the vendors area where you can get information and demonstrations of ReliaSoft's products and services. We hope to see you there!
Put Yourself on the Hot Seat
Success Stories Wanted
Periodically, Reliability HotWire runs a feature called "On the Hot Seat," where reliability professionals share their experiences with ReliaSoft software tools and how they have helped solve problems on their day-to-day job assignments. We are always on the lookout for more success stories from those reliability professionals willing to put themselves "on the hot seat."


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