SimuMatic®, RDA and SPRT Capabilities Now Integrated into Weibull++


Some of the free analysis tools that were previously distributed from are now integrated into ReliaSoft's Weibull++ life data analysis software.

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ReliaSoft's Weibull++ software the industry standard in life data analysis (Weibull analysis) for thousands of companies worldwide. The software supports a comprehensive array of lifetime distributions (including all forms of the Weibull distribution) and offers a powerful and intuitive interface geared specifically toward the needs of reliability engineers.


Starting in Version 7, Weibull++ integrates the SimuMatic utility, which can be used to perform a large number of reliability analyses on data sets that have been created using simulation. You can use this utility to investigate a variety of reliability questions, including analyses to a) better understand life data analysis concepts, b) experiment with the influences of sample sizes and censoring schemes on analysis methods, c) construct simulation-based confidence bounds, d) better understand the concepts behind confidence intervals, e) design reliability tests, and much more!

Recurrent Event Data Analysis (RDA):

Weibull++ 7 and above provide both parametric and non-parametric approaches to analyze data where a sample unit may accumulate any number of events over time (e.g., number of repairs). The non-parametric approach is based on the well-known Mean Cumulative Function (MCF). The parametric approach is based on the General Renewal Process (GRP) model, which is particularly useful in understanding the effects of repairs on system age. 

Sequential Probability Ratio Test (SPRT) Analysis:

In Version 8 and above, you can now use a predefined analysis workbook template to perform Sequential Probability Ratio Test (SPRT) analysis. When you add a new analysis workbook to the project, choose to create the report Based on Existing Template and then choose Weibull SPRT Template from the list of standard templates that are installed with the software.