Reliability HotWire

Issue 95, January 2009

Tool Tips

* I have DOE data in another application. How can I bring it into DOE++?

DOE++'s File Import Wizard, available beginning with version 1.0.2, allows you to create Standard Folios by importing data from files saved by other applications and converting the data to the format required for analysis in DOE++. This includes:

  • Tab, Comma, Space and Semicolon delimited files (*.txt, *.csv, *.prn, *.smc)

  • Excel files (*.xls)

The File Import Wizard is accessed by choosing Project > Add from File. You will first browse for the file you want to import from, then the File Import Wizard will appear, as shown next.

The spreadsheet on the left side of the utility displays the data from the original file. To use the utility, select a design type in the Control Panel. Options include:

  • One Factor
  • Two Level Factor
  • General Level Factor
  • Response Surface Method
  • Taguchi Robust
    • Two Level Factor Inner Array
    • General Level Factor Inner Array
  • Reliability DOE
    • One Factor
    • Two Level Factor

If you are importing data for a standard one factor design, you can then click Create Design to import the data into a new Standard Folio. For all other design types, the Control Panel will display information on design requirements and configuration options. For each column of data that you want to import, select the column and define it either by clicking the drop-down arrow in the column header and choosing the type of data contained in the column from the list that appears or by choosing the column type from the Column Type menu .

Columns that have been designated for import are displayed in green. If you want to clear a columns definition, choose None from the menu that you are using to define column types.

Note that if the file you are importing from has multiple pages (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet with multiple worksheets), all pages are displayed in the File Import Wizard. Use the page index tab to switch among pages. You can designate columns from any of the pages for import.

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