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Issue 95, January 2009

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Hot Topics

Replicated Runs and Repeated Runs
In the context of Design of Experiments (DOE), replicated runs and repeated runs are both multiple response readings taken at the same factor levels. This article explains the difference between the two and illustrates how ReliaSoft's DOE++ software can be used to deal with the two cases.

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Reliability Basics

Analysis of Variance
Analysis of variance, or ANOVA, is a powerful statistical technique that involves partitioning the observed variance into different components to conduct various significance tests. This article discusses the application of ANOVA to a data set that contains one independent variable and explains how ANOVA can be used to examine whether a linear relationship exists between a dependent variable and an independent variable.

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Tool Tips
  • I have DOE data in another application. How can I bring it into DOE++?
  • How can I stay up-to-date with what's new at ReliaSoft?

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Latest Software Updates
New service releases are now available for BlockSim (SR 7.0.7) and RENO (SR 1.0.11). To determine the compile revision of the application on your computer, select About from the Help menu. More Software Downloads...


Application Date Created Version
BlockSim 7 12/2/08 7.0.7
RENO 1 12/5/08 1.0.11
Hot News
* DOE Reference Guide Online - At ReliaSoft, we have always been firm believers in sharing detailed reference material to help users understand the underlying statistical theory and appropriate applications for available software tools. Therefore, we have recently posted the entire reference guide that ships with our DOE++ software, for the benefit of anyone who wishes to use it. If you are new to Design of Experiments, this 433-page free resource could prove to be a helpful starting point. Those who already have extensive experience with DOE may enjoy reading the section about "Reliability DOE," which describes new capabilities for the proper analysis treatment of interval and right-censored data.

55th Annual Reliability & Maintainability Symposium (RAMS) - ReliaSoft Corporation will be a participant and presenter at RAMS again this winter, and we are looking forward to seeing you at this important annual event. This year, the ReliaSoft team will be presenting the following:

"Improving the 1-Parameter Weibull: A Bayesian Approach"
By Alexander Aron, Dr. Harry Guo and Adam Mettas, ReliaSoft Corporation

"Warranty Prediction for Products with Random Stresses and Usages"
By Dr. Harry Guo, Arai Monteforte and Adam Mettas, ReliaSoft Corporation

"Introduction to R&M Management (Reliability from Design Inception to Product Retirement)"
By Dr. Duane Dietrich, ReliaSoft Corporation

RAMS 2009 will be held at The Worthington, A Renaissance Hotel, in Fort Worth, Texas from January 26-29, 2009. As always, our staff of reliability experts will be on hand to provide you with useful information and to demonstrate the capabilities of ReliaSoft's complete suite of tools, including our Web-based XFRACAS application so be sure to stop by our booth! For advance program and registration information, please visit

* 2009 Applied Reliability Symposium, Europe in Barcelona, Spain - The 2009 ARS, Europe is planned for March 25 - 27, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. The Symposium is currently accepting registrations for the event. Register by January 30, 2009 to take advantage of the early registration discount. The event will offer a choice of 22 results-oriented presentations and two in-depth tutorials. Click here to view the presentation program. Registration forms are available at
Upcoming Public Training Event Calendar
January 2009
January 19 - 21, 2009: RS 560 Fundamentals of Design for Reliability in Bangalore, India
February 2009
February 2 - 6, 2009: MSMT Foundations in Frankfurt, Germany
February 18 - 20, 2009: RS 522 Advanced System Reliability / Maintainability Analysis in Turin, Italy
February 23 - 27, 2009: MSMT Foundations in Penang, Malaysia
February 23 - 27, 2009: MSMT Foundations in Tucson, Arizona
February 26 - 27, 2009: RS 401(C) Reliability and Life Data Analysis (Condensed) in Rayong, Thailand
March 2009
March 16 - 20, 2009: RS 540 Reliability and Maintainability Analysis for Repairable Systems in Jakarta, Indonesia
March 16 - 18, 2009: RS 522 Advanced System Reliability / Maintainability Analysis in Tucson, Arizona
March 19 - 20, 2009: RS 470 Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis in Tucson, Arizona
March 25 - 27, 2009: International Applied Reliability Symposium in Barcelona, Spain
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