Reliability HotWire

Issue 92, October 2008

Tool Tips

* Can I change my experiment design in DOE++ after I have created it?

You can make a wide variety of changes to an existing design in DOE++. Options include:

  • You can add or delete factors, responses, noise conditions or runs using the commands in the Sheet menu.

  • You can change the properties of factors or responses in two ways:

    • Double-click the heading of the relevant column and make the changes in the Add/Modify window that appears.

    • To modify multiple factors or responses, choose Factor Properties or Response Properties from the Data menu or click the icon in the Control Panel and make the changes in the properties window that appears.

  • You can re-order runs (i.e. sort the Design tab Data Sheet by the Standard Order or Run Order column) using the Sort By option on the Main page of the Design tab Control Panel. You can also re-sort the Data Sheet by any other column using the Sort then Sort Ascending or Sort Descending commands in the Sheet menu.

  • Beginning with the 1.0.2 Service Release, the Modify Design window allows you to change an existing design in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of design you are working with, this may include the ability to add replicates, fold the design, add center points and/or add an axial block. To access the Modify Design window, choose Modify Design from the Data menu or click the icon in the Control Panel.

  • For reliability designs, you can change the life data type by choosing Alter Data Type from the Data menu or clicking the icon in the Control Panel to open the Design Wizard, which provides the time-to-failure data options that allow you to specify whether your data set contains right censored, interval censored and/or left censored data.

* How can I add items from another BlockSim project to the project I'm currently working on?

You can import any item shown in the Project Explorer from an existing BlockSim project into the current BlockSim project by choosing Import Items from the Project menu or Project Explorer shortcut menu. This includes Diagram Sheets, Fault Tree Sheets, Phase Diagram Sheets, Maintenance Template Sheets, Spreadsheets, MultiPlot Sheets, Templates, Resources, FRED Reports and Attachments.

You can also have multiple instances of BlockSim running on your computer, and can copy/paste or drag/drop one or more blocks to your project rather than adding the entire sheet. For example, you can select one or more blocks in an existing reliability block diagram in one instance of BlockSim and drag them to an RBD in another project in another instance of BlockSim. This allows you to copy exactly what you need quickly and easily.

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